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Whatever you’re looking for from Tee-Shirts, Work Clothing, Golf or Business Attire, styles and fabrics are constantly changing. In addition there are many ways to embellish your garments. From the traditional silk-screening and embroidery to more unique methods like 4-color process, discharge printing, foil transfers, distressed prints, appliqué and 3D/Puffy. Here are some of the current trends to look for:

  • Anything made from organic or sustainable material is rapidly growing in popularity.
  • The new Polo styles are performance fabric driven.
    The new polyester fabrics are moisture wicking and anti-bacterial. Polyester will never be looked at the same.
  • The Wovens like Polos are adopting the use of performance fabrics.
    Qualities like moisture management, wrinkle resistance and soil and stain resistance are becoming the norm.
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Stay up to date with all these trends and let Mission Peak help you get there. Give us a call and see how we can help.


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